Munay Ki classes Starting July 9, 2014

I am excited to share Munay Ki, starting one hour weekly classes on July 9th.
What is Munay Ki?
The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about this time as a period of great transformation, a time to make an extraordinary difference in the world.
They foretell of a new human appearing on the planet – a person of wisdom and power who lives free of fear and abides in their eternal nature, accepting stewardship for all creation.
The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field.
They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past-your karmic & genetic inheritance.
They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body-one that ages, heals, and dies differently.
The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.
The 9 rites are:
Healers Rite
Bands of Power,
Harmony rite,
Seers Rite,
Day Keeper rite,
Wisdom Keepers rite,
Earth keepers rite,
Star Keepers rite
and Creators rite.
Munay Ki Rite Class
When? Weekly starting Wednesday, July 9th @ 6:30 p.m for a total of 9 weeks. Each class is about an hour
Where? 6429 NE 46th St, Altoona, IA Griffs Valley View RV Park…come to Heather Circle Please bring Lawn chair, weather permitting we will do the rites outside.
If you would like to take the 9 Rites of Munay Ki, they are about 1 hour each week for 9 weeks. $10.00 per rite. I do not charge for the energy, for it is a gift, but I do charge for my time and materials. You may pay one week at a time, or all 9 at once. You will receive the rites and all the info needed to pass on the rites and to teach the Munay Ki class as well.
Please let me know if you would like to attend a class. 515-975-7236 Connie Patton LPN Reiki Master Teacher or email
If those dates do not work for you, please contact me for another class date and time.
The Munay-Ki comes from a Quechua word that means ‘I love you.’ The Munay-Ki are the nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power who has accepted the stewardship for all creation. The rites are common to all shamanic traditions, even though they are expressed in different forms and styles in various cultures. They derive from the great initiations from the Hindus Valley that were brought to the Americas by the first medicine men and women who crossed the Baring Straits from Siberia during the glacial period some 30,000 years ago. These courageous travelers were the Earthkeepers of old.
Since the Earthkeepers come from the future as well, they can help us to access who we’re becoming as humans 10,000 years from now. The memories from the past are available to the person who taps into that vast reservoir of knowledge that exists outside of time. The visions of the future come as possibilities, because everything in the future is still in potential form. The act of finding this desirable future installs it into our collective destiny and makes it a little bit more probable than it was before, because it has acquired another quanta of energy from these shaman’s visions.
Sometimes, people will perceive these ancient shamans as Native American elders, wearing robes from Asia or furs from Siberia, or even feathers from the Amazon. Sometimes you’ll be able to perceive their thoughts and feelings. And you will have access to their wisdom and their stories. Eventually, as you experience the 7th, 8th, and 9th initiation, you can download a new and better version of the software that informs the luminous energy field, which will then inform your DNA, giving it instructions on how to create a new body that will age, heal, and die differently. There’s nothing you need to do to attract these luminous shamans. They’ll come to you when you invite them to do so and are ready to receive them. When the student is ready, the master appears. They will not disturb you in any way, but are available to support you in your efforts to bring a bit more light and healing into the world. They’re also there to protect you from the negativity and fearful energies in the world today.

If you would like to take the 9 Rites of Munay Ki, they are about 1 hour each week for 9 weeks. $10.00 per rite. I do not charge for the energy, for it is a gift, but I do charge for my time and materials.
Please let me know if you would like to attend a class. 515-975-7236 Connie Patton LPN Reiki Master Teacher
Or email

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July. Honoring our veterans and those that have given so much for our freedom. We have so much that we sometimes take for granted. I am grateful for all that we have and continue to receive. We are so blessed even during this time of what seems like turmoil. Breathe deeply and focus on peace, love, family and friends. Honor the Earth that provides so much for us. Have a relaxing 4th.

Celtic Reiki Attunements

Celtic Reiki Attunement Distant Attunement
Celtic Reiki has three attunements, it is a variation of Usui Reiki and it uses the vibrations of Mother Earth and certain trees & plants to heal and manifest things in your life. Celtic Reiki has many different symbols that are connected with trees and shrubs. I love the energy of this and use this a lot.
Martyn Pentecost discovered Celtic Reiki. Through her own journey as a Reiki Master, Martyn was given the Celtic Reiki symbols. All of the symbols come from different vibrations of trees and plants. One unique part of Celtic Reiki is learning how to write sentences with the symbols and aid your healing or manifesting. In the manuals provided it explains how to use the symbols in that way.
There are 3 attunements with Celtic Reiki here is a short description to each…
Celtic Reiki one will introduce the new energies and prepare you for the later energies.
Celtic Reiki two will work with manifesting energies and symbols.
Celtic Reiki three will help with healing, manifesting and learning to write in Celtic Reiki sentences.
Celtic Reiki is a very powerful earthy energy that can be used not only as a healing tool but also as a tool to help you bring what you want into your life.
This modality contains:
Distant attunement -$40.00
PDF manual (will be sent to your email after payment.)
*certificate $5.00 extra if you wish one.
Email assistance to answer questions you may have about this attunement.
For in-person classes…It is $100.00 per Level. There are three levels, Level I, II and III or Master. When you have completed the Level III Master class, you may teach this class as well.
I have had students that received this information distantly and in person. Many preferred the In-Person class. They felt like they understood and received the information more completely.
Please contact me if you are interested in receiving attunement to Celtic Reiki either distantly or in person. or 515-975-7236
Connie Patton LPN Reiki Master Teacher

Happy Mother’s Day

Honoring all women who are mothers on this day, on Sunday. This includes those that are step mothers, adoptive mothers, and grandmothers who have taken the role of raising grandchildren. Honor the feminine, your nurturing caring souls. We offer much of ourselves and seldom remember to take care of us. If you do not take care of you, you have little to give to others including your children. Sometimes we feel guilty taking time for ourselves. That may be because of the way we were raised, society/cultural beliefs. It is time to remember and care for you, just as you would care for your child’s needs. You deserve it! Happy Mother’s Day! Relax and enjoy your day.

What’s New?

I am back in Iowa and excited to be offering Usui Reiki classes. We finished Level I last week and have a Level II class coming up on Saturday May 10th. If you are interested in a Reiki class please let me know.
I am also offering Reiki sessions, Access Bars sessions, Raindrop Technique. Massage is not available at this time.
I will be at the Senior Health Fair at the Iowa State Fairgrounds on May 21st offering 10 minute Reiki sessions to attendees.
I will also be at the Iowa Metaphysical Fair this year, the first weekend in June, offering 20-30 minute Access Bars sessions. There will be many vendors there. It should be an amazing weekend!
I am going to also be offering some new classes if there is an interest. Nurturing the Feminine and Receiving, The Medicine Wheel, Power Animals, Peyote Beadwork and more. If you would be interested in learning more about these classes, please contact me via email or call.
or 515-975-7236
I may be holding a Celtic Reiki class this summer as well. I hope to offer ART/Reiki Master class in September.