Amethyst Fairy Orb Distant Attunement

The Amethyst Fairy Orb is an energy system that will connect you with the Amethyst Fairy. The amethyst fairy is a wonderful fairy to work with. She is kind and gentle. Unlike other fairies that are into trickery and mischief, she is not. She is much calmer and in control of her emotions and shares healing.

The Amethyst Fairy is a very gifted Queen of the fairies. This attunement will help you connect with her energies.

The Amethyst Fairy is also connected with the Amethyst crystal, associated with the crown chakra.

Amethyst is said to help one avoid and recover from addiction to intoxicants. It facilitates transmutation of the lower energies into the higher frequency. It represents the principle of complete metamorphosis.

Working with this energy, you will be able to call upon the energy of this gemstone as well.

The manual is interesting, teaching you about the Amethyst Fairy, Amethyst Fairy Orb, nature works, energy and the magic of the fairies, amethyst properties, and locating fairies.

Here is a list of ways to use the energy, found in the manual:

  • Abundance, Love and Romance, money, prosperity, success, Knowledge, wisdom, insight, perception, intelligence, Understanding, healing from physical issues, emotional issues, spiritual issues, bringing happiness, and helping us grow and develop.
  • You will also understand a simple attunement procedure. I would be happy to answer any questions.

$20.00 for manual and attunement. If you would like a certificate, please include $5.00

Once payment is received, you will receive the manual. When you are ready to receive the attunement, please let me know and I can send it at a mutually decided date and time, or it can be sent for you to call at your convenience.

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