Healthy Weight Healing Sessions

What the sessions do:

  • Balance hormones, enzymes, brain chemicals
  • Heal emotional behaviors that cause unhealthy choices
  • Heal metabolism
  • Reduce cravings, diminish appetite
  • Heal obsessions and attitudes about food and eating
  • Make many other internal changes and healing in beliefs and body functions

What I do:

  • Send healing the Healthy Weight healing sessions once in the morning and once in the late afternoon/early evening every day.

What you do:

  • Be open to receive.
  • Be willing to embrace all aspects, even the less pleasant things that could happen the 1st week. (see below)
  • Pay attention to the changes that are happening to you and changes in choices you make.
  • Weigh and measure yourself before beginning the program.
  • Let me know of any issues or problems that keep surfacing so I can adjust the program.

What to Expect:

  • Reduction in appetite
  • Lessening/disappearance of cravings
  • Naturally making more healthy choices
  • More energy
  • Less obsessive behavior/thoughts about food
  • Less stress about food, weight, appearance
  • Some start losing weight right away, most start losing in 3rd week
  • Some notice that clothes are baggy and they need a smaller size before they see a loss in weight.

These things could (but don’t always) happen during the 1st week or so:

  • Temporary spike in cravings
  • Feeling grumpy or short tempered for no reason
  • Some queasiness
  • Some tiredness

These symptoms are the result of the healing that is going on. As old issues and emotions come up for healing, they are causing what is called a healing reaction. They are temporary: just be aware of them and know that sometimes people get worse before they get better. Try to embrace them and even smile to yourself, because you know that you are healing.

What does it cost:

  • Fee is $60 per month. That’s only $2 per day!
  • Nothing says you appreciate me like a referral to your family and friends! Enjoy a $10.00 discount for each referral that purchases one month of healing sessions.

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