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Reiki (pronounced ray’key) is one of the most profound and effective natural healing techniques available today. Reiki is a Japanese word that means “Universal Life Force Energy.”

This energy is around us and exists in all living things. It is vital to our health and overall well-being. Any imbalance or blockage of life force energy can result in dis-ease on physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels.

Reiki is a technique for restoring balance and harmony. The person or being (Reiki works well with animals and a host of other things…food, plants, etc.) receiving treatment is not healed by the Reiki practitioner; the healing comes from the energy flowing through the practitioner. A Reiki treatment is given with the client’s clothing on.

The energy received corresponds to the need of the client(receiver). The Reiki energy is often experienced as a warm, tingling sensation. A complete Reiki treatment covers all of the major organs, glands and charkas in the body. Reiki also flows to all levels of our being: mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as the physical body.

Reiki is also a self-help technique. People receiving a Reiki session typically feel relaxed and energized. They often express being at peace. Reiki may relieve pain and acute problems quite rapidly; chronic conditions can sometimes benefit from several treatments. Some use Reiki to maintain health, as a preventative. Reiki can go beyond symptoms to treat the root cause of the problem. Reiki is always safe to use and complements other healing methods, including Western Medicine.

Reiki can be effective for relieving stress and releasing tension. Sometimes people experience an emotional release during a session. Unexpressed emotion can contribute to blocks in our energy and releasing those blocks can be very freeing. Reiki can assist in relieving depression, anxiety, resentment, fear, and confusion. Reiki is also a tool for spiritual growth. It can have a cumulative effect… The more it is used, the stronger it grows.

Sometimes people choose to use Reiki to support their dying process, finding it helps reduce fear. There is no limit to the personal growth and transformation one can experience in their partnership with Reiki. Reiki’s essence is one of unconditional love and its effect on each person is unique.


Reiki sessions vary depending on what you are coming in for. If you would like relaxation, the session starts with you lying on the massage table fully clothed. You may cover with a blanket or not. You can leave your shoes on or take them off.

The practitioner will place their hands on or above your body in various positions that cover some of the endocrine organs of your body. You may not experience anything, or you may feel warmth, tingling, pulsating feeling, emotion, or fee cool. Each experience is unique and varied. Some have had amazing healing results both physical and/or emotional. Some clients that have had difficulty relaxing completely during a massage, have been able to relax during a Reiki session. The body takes the Reiki energy and uses it where needed.

A session usually lasts from 1hour to 1 1/2 hours. Or can be received in a few minutes. I frequently used Reiki in my regular massages or in Chair massage if client agrees to having it used. Reiki has been used with Hospice clients, in hospitals before surgery, in many areas.


Chakras are energy centers in the body. There are several but seven main ones. The crown chakra is located at the crown of the head, the brow chakra or the Third Eye Chakra is between the eyebrows on the face. The Throat chakra is in the throat area. The Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest. Solar plexus chakra, is just above the navel area. Navel chakra or sacral plexus located in the lower abdomen. Root or base chakra is at the base of the spine.

Each chakra has it’s own function and corresponds with a certain body area. You can further research this on the web.

½ Hour: $40 1 Hour: $60 1-½ Hour: $90

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