We have so many things that we receive and have each and every day that we often take for granted.   There are many on our Earth that do not have shelter, food, or pure water to drink.  We have the freedom to move about our country and to speak about how we feel.  I give gratitude for these things that I have on a daily basis.  I am grateful for you, those that have taken classes or received Reiki sessions from me.  November reminds us of Thanksgiving and things to be thankful in our lives.  Not only this month, but every day, I try to remember to be grateful for the many things in our lives.  Often when we go through the hard times, or physical illnesses, there are gifts even in that time.  We may not see them at the time but if we look, they are there.  I give gratitude for the Essential oils and the many benefits we can receive from the plants.  I am grateful to have connected with Reiki and am amazed by the changes that have occurred for clients, myself and family because of this amazing energy.   I wanted to say Thank you! and express how grateful I am for you.

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