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If you have been interested in learning more about Reiki but not sure where to start, you could experience a one hour relaxing Reiki session.  If you are ready for a class, it is important to find a Reiki Master Teacher that is near you, that you feel comfortable with, and has taught Reiki before.  It is important to find out if they do Reiki for themselves on a regular basis.  It is important for them to use the Reiki energy daily in their lives.  I have been teaching Reiki since 2006 and doing self Reiki since 2004.  Reiki is a lifestyle and I use it many times a day.  Reiki promotes deep relaxation, helps me with sleep, promotes balance and a sense of well-being.

You would start with a Reiki Level I class.  You learn about Reiki, what it is, how you would use it, and receive an attunement, a connection to the Reiki energy.  You learn how to do Reiki for yourself and for others.  You can use Reiki for your pets and animals.   The class is usual 6-8 hours.   You are then encouraged to Reiki for yourself at least 21 days (it takes that long to create a habit or daily use), then continue using Reiki for yourself daily.   Level II Reiki adds more information and new tools to help strengthen the energy and helps with sending Distant Reiki (it really does work!)

After working with the energy for 6 months or longer, you might want to take the next level.  Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master Class.  ART is one day and add 2 more days at least for the Reiki Master Class.

If you are interested in a class, please contact me to schedule yours!

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  • Jessica

    I have been looking for reiki classes I could take that would be close to me. I have been searching for weeks and I finally think I found something good! I would love to sign up for my first class. When is your first available?

  • Hello Jessica
    Are you in the Apache Junction AZ area? Have you taken any Reiki classes yet?
    We can discuss a class date and time. What works best for you?
    Connie Patton Reiki Master Teacher

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