Reiki, the Scientific Evidence

I loved the experience of Reiki from the very first Reiki session. I decided to take a class after that and my Reiki journey went from there. It is an experience that i invite everyone to try. More research is being done on the benefits of Reiki. You can find more information about Reiki by going to

The most commonly reported benefit of Reiki is that it can reduce stress. It can lower heart rate and some instances has lowered blood pressure as well. It can promote deep relaxation allowing the body to do it’s own healing work.
Another frequently reported benefit of Reiki is that is reduces pain. Studies have been done pre and post surgery. The persons receiving Reiki before, during and after surgery reported less pain, relaxation and quicker healing time.
Reiki has also been found to help reduce pain, depression and anxiety experienced by those that are chronically ill with a variety of health conditions. Decreased symptoms of depression and benefits lasted up to 3 months, sometimes longer for some.

When i was going through Chemotherapy, I did Reiki for myself to help decrease some of the side effects of the medications. Reiki helped me be more relaxed, helped decrease some of the pain, and helped me through that difficult time.

Reiki can also help with mental clarity. There was one study on elderly patients with mild Alzheimer’s Disease. Significant improvement in cognition skills were documented after they received weekly Reiki sessions. I have worked with Alzheimer’s patients and Reiki helped them relax, their behaviors improved, and they seemed to have more mental clarity at times. Staff reported that the benefits lasted for several days. 1/2 to 1 hour Reiki sessions one to two times a week, seemed to be most beneficial. ¬†Staff actually looked forward to my coming to offer Reiki because it helped the residents and made their work easier.

I encourage nursing staff, caregivers, social workers, and anyone interested in helping themselves, to learn to do Reiki for their clients, patients and themselves. Reiki can also be used on animals I offer Reiki classes and sessions. Please contact me if you have any questions about Reiki.

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