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Celtic Reiki Attunement Distant Attunement
Celtic Reiki has three attunements, it is a variation of Usui Reiki and it uses the vibrations of Mother Earth and certain trees & plants to heal and manifest things in your life. Celtic Reiki has many different symbols that are connected with trees and shrubs. I love the energy of this and use this a lot.
Martyn Pentecost discovered Celtic Reiki. Through her own journey as a Reiki Master, Martyn was given the Celtic Reiki symbols. All of the symbols come from different vibrations of trees and plants. One unique part of Celtic Reiki is learning how to write sentences with the symbols and aid your healing or manifesting. In the manuals provided it explains how to use the symbols in that way.
There are 3 attunements with Celtic Reiki here is a short description to each…
Celtic Reiki one will introduce the new energies and prepare you for the later energies.
Celtic Reiki two will work with manifesting energies and symbols.
Celtic Reiki three will help with healing, manifesting and learning to write in Celtic Reiki sentences.
Celtic Reiki is a very powerful earthy energy that can be used not only as a healing tool but also as a tool to help you bring what you want into your life.
This modality contains:
Distant attunement -$40.00
PDF manual (will be sent to your email after payment.)
*certificate $5.00 extra if you wish one.
Email assistance to answer questions you may have about this attunement.
For in-person classes…It is $100.00 per Level. There are three levels, Level I, II and III or Master. When you have completed the Level III Master class, you may teach this class as well.
I have had students that received this information distantly and in person. Many preferred the In-Person class. They felt like they understood and received the information more completely.
Please contact me if you are interested in receiving attunement to Celtic Reiki either distantly or in person. willow@Lynnspirationshealing.com or 515-975-7236
Connie Patton LPN Reiki Master Teacher www.Lynnspirationshealing.com

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