What’s New?

I am back in Iowa and excited to be offering Usui Reiki classes. We finished Level I last week and have a Level II class coming up on Saturday May 10th. If you are interested in a Reiki class please let me know.
I am also offering Reiki sessions, Access Bars sessions, Raindrop Technique. Massage is not available at this time.
I will be at the Senior Health Fair at the Iowa State Fairgrounds on May 21st offering 10 minute Reiki sessions to attendees.
I will also be at the Iowa Metaphysical Fair this year, the first weekend in June, offering 20-30 minute Access Bars sessions. There will be many vendors there. It should be an amazing weekend!
I am going to also be offering some new classes if there is an interest. Nurturing the Feminine and Receiving, The Medicine Wheel, Power Animals, Peyote Beadwork and more. If you would be interested in learning more about these classes, please contact me via email or call. Willow@Lynnspirationshealing.com
or 515-975-7236
I may be holding a Celtic Reiki class this summer as well. I hope to offer ART/Reiki Master class in September.

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