My current journey

Things have been quiet lately on my website. I have been going through a new journey, something i never dreamed of experiencing. Breast cancer, mastectomy and now chemo. It has been quite a journey with many lessons and gifts along the way. Yes gifts. I have learned more about being able to receive, what is femininity, and so much more. I have so many wonderful friends that have stepped up and been so supportive. I found that what i needed more than sympathy was support and there is such a difference. I have used many of the tools of my business to help along with western medical treatment in this process. I use my essential oils for relaxation and pain. I do Self Reiki and call on my many Reiki friends for distant healing energy. I also run my Access Bars and some of the new Access Body processes that i had learned to help with the pain and chemo side effects. I am hoping to be back to work next year when i am finished with chemo and have regained my stength. I look forward to offering many Reiki, essential oil, Raindrop and Access sessions. The MTVSS and Energetic Facelift are amazing. I also plan to offer a class on Receiving and Connecting to your Femininity and what that is all about. Lessons learned from this journey are amazing. You have to look for the gifts in everything. They are there.

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