What’s New with Lynnspirations?

I have settled in Apache Junction, Arizona. I am offering Reiki sessions and distant Reiki healing sessions. I also offer Healthy Weight Healing Sessions. These can be purchased from my website using Pay Pal and Reiki and healing energies sent. This does work. Some clients feel it is as effective as being in person. I am also offereing Access Bar sessions and hope to offer an Access Bars class in November. I am looking for a location to offer the class. I also offer Aromatherapy class and Raindrop sessions.
In our travels, I have taken a beading class and am enjoying doing the Peyote stitch on projects.

How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?
you can still reach me via email willow@Lynnspirationshealing.com or call 515-975-7236

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