We have so many things that we receive and have each and every day that we often take for granted.   There are many on our Earth that do not have shelter, food, or pure water to drink.  We have the freedom to move about our country and to speak about how we feel.  I give [...]

My current journey

Things have been quiet lately on my website. I have been going through a new journey, something i never dreamed of experiencing. Breast cancer, mastectomy and now chemo. It has been quite a journey with many lessons and gifts along the way. Yes gifts. I have learned more about being [...]

What’s new?

Lynnspirations Healing Arts is back in Iowa. Table massage or chair massage to relax or to help release those tight muscles and knots, please contact me to schedule your appointment. Reiki sessions and classes and Access Bars sessions and classes are available.
I continue to use Young Living essential oils and offer classes and [...]

Looking for an alternative to pain medications with less side affects?

Have you considered essential oils? There are many therapeutic oils that can help with discomfort and pain and have minimal to no side affects. Young Living oils are a therapuetic oil that have not been diluted so have the natural benefits from the plant or tree. Panaway oil is a blend [...]

Staying healthy while others have the flu?

What are you doing to stay healthy during the flu season? Drink plenty of water, or water with lemon. Get plenty of sleep and rest. Eat 4-8 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. Wash your hands often. I apply Thieves oil to the soles of my feet, and diffuse [...]