Reiki, the Scientific Evidence

I loved the experience of Reiki from the very first Reiki session. I decided to take a class after that and my Reiki journey went from there. It is an experience that i invite everyone to try. More research is being done on the benefits of Reiki. You can find [...]

Looking for an alternative to pain medications with less side affects?

Have you considered essential oils? There are many therapeutic oils that can help with discomfort and pain and have minimal to no side affects. Young Living oils are a therapuetic oil that have not been diluted so have the natural benefits from the plant or tree. Panaway oil is a blend [...]


I really enjoy my Biomat. I have used it on my massage table for sessions. It promotes relaxation, increases circulation and so much more. On chilly days, it warms you and on hot days, can cool you off. The Biomat is a mat that is filled with Amethyst crystals. It [...]

You can relax and enjoy this holiday season

Are you feeling the stress of the holidays already? Have so many places to be on the same day and time? Trying to please everyone? Take some time to relax, breathe deeply. Find ways to see the people that you want to see but spread it out through the holiday season, [...]

What to do about sore muscles?

Have you tried soaking in a warm bath of epsom salts? This is an old remedy but it helps soothe sore muscles and can help balance your energy.
Using Peppermint oil to sore muscles can help give relief. Wintergreen oil has similar properties to the pain patches that one may purchase but is a [...]