Staying healthy while others have the flu?

What are you doing to stay healthy during the flu season? Drink plenty of water, or water with lemon. Get plenty of sleep and rest. Eat 4-8 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. Wash your hands often. I apply Thieves oil to the soles of my feet, and diffuse [...]

You can relax and enjoy this holiday season

Are you feeling the stress of the holidays already? Have so many places to be on the same day and time? Trying to please everyone? Take some time to relax, breathe deeply. Find ways to see the people that you want to see but spread it out through the holiday season, [...]

What’s New with Lynnspirations?

I have settled in Apache Junction, Arizona. I am offering Reiki sessions and distant Reiki healing sessions. I also offer Healthy Weight Healing Sessions. These can be purchased from my website using Pay Pal and Reiki and healing energies sent. This does work. Some clients feel it is as effective [...]


Lynnspirations Healing provides:

Reiki sessions and classes
Munay Ki Classes
Access Bars Session and Classes
Aromatherapy and Raindrop Sessions
Mystery Mastery Healing Sessions and Attunements

Available in Arizona fall through May
(Massage not available in Arizona)
May through Fall…massage available in Iowa with above services

What to do about sore muscles?

Have you tried soaking in a warm bath of epsom salts? This is an old remedy but it helps soothe sore muscles and can help balance your energy.
Using Peppermint oil to sore muscles can help give relief. Wintergreen oil has similar properties to the pain patches that one may purchase but is a [...]